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Intricately plotted & Fast Moving !!!


Title: The Odessa File
AuthorFrederick Forsyth  

Publishers:Arrow Books
Price: INR.399
Goodreads Rating: 5/5

Book Review :

I am a huge fan of Frederick Forsyth since I'd read the Fist of God and found his work satiating my expectations of reading an easy but pacy novel revolving around the world of espionage & military.Unlike the Afghan & the Fist of God, The Odessa File revolves around the civilian protagonist who'd served in the military but that too just for the sake of the rule that was required to be followed by young Germans after the creation of West German.

The plot started on the moment radios in Germany broke the news of John F Kennedy's assassination which shuddered the people around the globe. People around the world were shocked & found the news hard to digest while the news kindled some strategic actions in some sections of society in Germany, Israel & Egypt. The news was heard by a freelancer magazine reporter, Peter Miller, as well who was driving down to the home and the blaring sound of ambulance & a gut instinct of getting a " Breaking News " made him rotate the steering & following the emergency vehicle he reached in a slum tenement in Altona. A Jew had gassed himself & next day, the investigating officer passed him the diary of a dead man thinking it might help Miller in filing a news.

But who'd known that the diary of Salomon Tauber will turn-him-on to track one of the most wanted Nazi-executioner Edward Roschmann, the butcher of Riga. The author had smartly covered first few pages as the moving account of the Tauber's experience in the concentration camp.The effect of the narration of the atrocities on me was bad. Several times in just a few pages I find myself blankly gazing at the page & lost somewhere in thinking how much harsh it was for the Jews at that time.


But how come the title of the book is " The Odessa File "? So, First of all " what is Odessa ? ".

The ODESSA of the title is neither the city in southern Russia nor the small town in America. It is a word composed of six initial letters, which in German stand for ' Organisation Der Ehemaligen SS-Angehorigen '. In English, this means ' Organisation of Former Members of the SS '. The S was the army within an army, a state within a state, devised by Adolf Hitler, commanded by Heinrich Himmler, and charged with special tasks under the Nazis who ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945.These tasks were supposedly concerned with the security of the third Reich; in effect they included the carrying out of Hitler's ambition to rid Germany and Europe of all elements he considered to be 'Unworthy of Life ', to enslave in perpetuity the ' Subhuman races of Slavic lands ', and to exterminate every Jew man, woman, and child, on the face of the continent. In carrying out these tasks the SS organized and executed the murder of some 14 million human beings.

Formed just before the end of the war, its job was to get wanted SS men out of Germany to safety. Odessa set themselves five task: re-infiltration of former Nazis into every facet of life in the new Germany, infiltrate the mechanisms of Political power, re-infiltrate business, to provide best possible legal defense for any Nazi forced to stand trial, and propaganda. In my views, SS folks were executioners. Put more bluntly, murderers, and a mass-murderers. So they can't be compared with soldiers.What they did sicken and revolted the whole civilized mankind and left the post-war German generation a heritage of shame to live down with. They murdered millions for their own profit and in the name of their maniac power-lust, then they got out and left the rest of Germans in the shit.

" So when the vans came and took them away, people didn't do anything. They stayed out of the way, they kept quiet. They even got believing the voice they shouted the loudest. Because that's the way people are. We're very obedient people. It's our strength and our greatest weakness "

So, of course, The Odessa File is a must read disquieting book !!!

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