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Title: Hidden Road To Lifemanship
Author: Nimish Thakkar
Genre: non-Fiction
Publishers:  Frog Books
Price: INR. 250
Goodreads Rating: 4/5

Bolted with Lucid writing, Hidden Road To Lifemanship is majorly a gripping allegory written by Nimish Thakkar. Rishi, narrator of the fable, talks about his experiences and upbringing from day 1 of his life. And the anecdotes shared by him imparts the spritual knowledge that every being should hold. Loknath & Amba , rishi's parents, believed that the upbringing of a child wrought the destiny of the child. Books can gave the knowledge but the moral upbringing from the very young age is important. Loknath used to dictate the lessons from the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi to the Swami Vivekanand so that Rishi's subconcious mind could absorb it. Mother Amba too played a pivotal role in raising Rishi by introducing him to the true religious knowledge. But the fable flied with the spellbounded wisdom imparted by a 115 year old Ascetic to Rishi.
Author had embedded some serious wisdom snippets that surely needs to be assimulated by the reader. From the Meditation to the motivational words about success, book isn't just gripping but needs to be read with relaxed mind to absorb as much as possible. Where major chunk is hooking , there're couple of pages which plunge the fable to undulate between gripping & somniferous parameters.
So Hidden Road To Lifemanship is surely a must read for Indian readers . 

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This is Not a Paid Review ! I received this Book as a Review Copy from Author & The Opinions expressed in the review are my own , and remain unbiased and uninfluenced . "

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