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Title: Freedom At Midnight
AuthorDominique Lapierre & Larry Collins  
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publishers:  Vikas publishing
Price: INR. 545
Goodreads Rating: 5/5


14-15 Aug 1947 was the day when Raj ruled India attained freedom on the cost of vivisection of the country which caused a huge turmoil . The nation wasn't just divided into two but it's the heart of the people which once live together, work together, enjoy each other's festivals turn against one another. Seeds of hatred were sown in those days, which actually cost more than a division of land . Punjab- A state once known for the fraternity among Hindus, Muslims & Sikhs had experienced the havoc that even frog leaped Nazi Germany's concentration camps. But how did it began ? Who , When & Where sown those seeds of hatred that divided a peaceful country ? And how that decision kept on affecting millions for years & probably will continue in future too.
Freedom At Midnight is a treasure of information which will enlighten about the tragedy that caused so much of bloodshed that even the British started comparing it with the situation of people in Nazi's concentration camp. A splendid book,it is , to understand the birth of India & Pakistan. It 'll reveal what most of us aren't aware of , lessons that were never taught to us in our schooling (not in India at least) . Albeit it's a work of non-fiction but the deep research by the authors has made it pacy & comparable to a pacy with the speed of a modern jet. A number of stories were also embedded in this tome of 774 pages related to the sufferings brought by partition to the common as well as special people. With a lucid writing style, Book talks about the India before the independence, on the day of partition & after the partition with spilling some secrets that could never shoot in the common-public domain with killing the myth that the sole reason of every British was to plunder the riches from India. Everyone wasn't avaricious , Mountabttens weren't .
So FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT is a must read for the people of Indian sub-continent to know about the chain of events that triggered the most complex & gory divorce in the history causing the birth of The Republic of India & The Islamic State of Pakistan .

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