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Tenebrific Allegory !!!


Title: 1984
AuthorGeorge Orwell  
Publishers:  Amazing Reads
Price: INR. 195
Goodreads Rating: 5/5


Have You ever imagine the cost of your freedom or even the freedom of your thoughts ? Have you ever lived in the fear of being booked under the charges of just thinking against the decree of the government ? Have you ever experienced the morbid psychological pain of calling 2 + 2=5 ? Have you ever.......?
Just imagine once, what will happen when such rules will invoke ? How will humans react ? Will we simply go on doing the stuff the stuff that our government wishes us to do or we'll choose the path of rebellion ? Hang on ! There's the third possibility, what if the government bugged the mavericks and then eviscerate the ideas of rebellion . Yes, what will be the world look like if such atrocities turned out to be mundane ?
1984 is a classic of dystopian literature written by George Orwell, the nom de plume of the author whose real name is Eric Arthur Blair. Written in 1948, the book serves as a powerful warning against totalitarian regimes and extreme ideologies. Orwell had penned this fable in the post-atomic era, a time when countries had only just come to realise the terrible and annihilating potential of the human psyche. 
Set in a fictitious country called Oceania,which was dictated by an archaic figure called ' Big Brother ', was one of the three major countries of the world. Citizens of Oceania were kept under consistent vigilance by the tele screens, never speaking ears, that were bolted in the houses of every individual. English words were ordered to be destroyed & a new NewSpeak language was coming into existence which had cut the vocabulary to more than 50%. Intercourse was even revoked by the ruler, Marriage could only be possible after the approval of the committee. Children were turned into spies and given formal training in the schools . History was altered, time to time, as the regime found suitable.Hate Weeks or Hate Minutes were organised by the regime for people to participate in the session to vituperate the traitors. Amidst all these conditions lived our protagonist, Winston Smith. Employed at the government's ministry he was, but the whole system was an anathema to him. After years of working at the firm, he falls in love with a girl whom he thinks of an agent of ThoughtPolice ( Law enforcement of Oceania ). Keeping their affair secret was the must , so they used to meet & make out in the ruined places where the probability of the agents surveying ground was minuscule. But years later,the litany triggered worst case scenario which was gloomy enough to suffocate any reader's mind of the free world.
With most hauntingly terrifying portrayals of the future of mankind, 1984 is a must read the novel that 'll make you feel the importance of freedom of any parameter which we nowadays overlook.

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