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Lucidly written ......Heart-Wrenching tale !!!


Title: Train To Pakistan
AuthorKhushwant Singh  
Genre: Fiction
Publishers:  Penguin Books
Price: INR. 250
Goodreads Rating: 5/5


1947 was the year when English freed the Hindustan by splitting into two : Pakistan , a Muslim-based Nation, got its independence on 14 August and India, a Hindu-based nation , was declared Independent on Aug 15 .Till the time English reside, they rule over the people of Hindustan  by using a simple tactic of Divide-And-Rule and when it comes to leaving the Nation , they did same with the difference that this time some powerful people of the same Nation second that thought. Now in the 21st century , People of India & Pakistan celebrate their respective Independence day but still there exist many who maintain a stoic expression but cried within their heart. Yes, two Nations were born in that August of 1947 but at the cost of carnage. Few Malefactors on both sides kindled the hatred for one-another , people who once resided in a single village like brothers butchered one another. Everyone till now celebrates the independence days but no one from the leadership on either side ever stepped to share the grief of those who lost their loved ones in an uncalled feud. People were provoked on the name of caste & creed & trains carrying the refugees rolled to another side were ambushed before crossing the border, Passengers were killed and then the train was made to cross the border so that other side would never consider the earlier one  inferior in any case and then the latter did the same with the refugees . Truly heart wrenching that was.
Truth be told , My best friend wants to read this book so I bought it to gift her but before I could present her this , she left so  I started with  ' Train to Pakistan ' .First published in 1956 , Train to Pakistan is a classic of modern Indian fiction. The plot revolves around the a small village, Mano Majra , settled on the border of India & Pakistan in the summer of 1947. Unlike other villages and towns in India & Pakistan,Sikhs and Muslims live together as brothers in Mano Majra. But a money-lender was murdered and the suspicion falls on a Sikh was in love with a Muslim girl and hence triggered the chain of events which made this book a page-turner . 
No doubt with a perspicuous style, Khushwant Singh had written this magnificent fiction pouring the pain, in words, he went through 'cause of partition. With his writing author had depicted how before partition people of Hindustan lives together . Characters in the book are deeply engrossing . Iqbal , a social worker who had come to Mano Majra for his social work but framed & put behind the bars on the charge of the suspicious activity. Being an educated fellow, he was respected by all who came across his way from the sub-inspector to the 'Bhai Ji' of the gurudwara. Bhai Ji was depicted as an honest & religious person who used to take care of the daily chores of Gurudwara . Then comes , Banta Singh , was the headman of the village & is usually called as 'Lambardar' 'cause his ancestors had held the same designation in the village .Juggat Singh aka Jugga Badmash ranked among the top 10 criminals and was in love with Noorah , a Muslim girl . And Hukum Chand was portrayed as the magistrate who had done everything possible on hand to protect the clashes between two parties. He made decisions for the betterment of others.
So ' Train To Pakistan ' is a metaphor which symbolises that 'humanity' is greater than any materialistic greed. And it's a must read for every human especially for the people of India & Pakistan !!!
* And Yup This book landed on my shelf but I'm going to keep a separate copy for my best friend 'cause this book belongs to her ;) * 

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