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Title: The Sialkot Saga
Author: Ashwin Sanghi 
Publishers:  Westland Books
Price: INR. 350
Goodreads Rating: 5/5


Truth be told, I ordered this book just 'cause it's written by Ashwin Sanghi ( The Dan Brown Of India ) but after reading few pages I realised that the author had jumped to another court which is held by Jeffery Archer in which historic chain of events are related to a fable and hence popped a great work of fiction like ' Honour Among Thieves ' & so is like ' The Sialkot Saga '. Another confession is that I discourage my fellow readers not to read this book 'cause as mentioned earlier I'd picked the book with a hope to find another ravishing theology like that of Chanakya's Chant & The Krishna Key and so the beginning was not gripping, as what I always expect from this author,but with turning of pages the plot turned gripping . Better to say that the plot had engulfed me.
* And with alacrity, I corrected my mistake of discouraging readers by ranging 'em & telling (not asking) to read the book ASAP with tipping off that Ashwin Sanghi is now the Jeffery Archer of India *
Now coming to the Book, The Sialkot Saga is the 4th book of the Bharata Series written by the best-selling author (And still my fav) Ashwin Sanghi. Launched with an anecdote of the most heinous incidents in the history of mankind, The Partition of India , which desecrated more than million families with many children rendered helpless. Towns were looted, Women were raped , Brothers which once live together turned against each other & somewhere in between same time a train rolled in the Amritsar railway station with pin drop silence inside the coaches.Sukhbir Singh entered the train and found a little soul alive and as was about to deboard the train he heard another voice , so handing over the kid to his colleague , Sukhbir started the search of other voice. Then on the book is divided into 7 parts carrying the description of 10 years in each part from 1950-2010 in 6 parts while the 7th holds about 2010. Alike Jeffery Archer, Ashwin Sanghi had bolted the major real life incidents that cracked in the Indian history with the life of his protagonists, Arbaz Sheikh & Arvind Bagadia.Raised in different families but with the same set of codes in mind to earn as much as possible, Arbaz and Arvind were committed to their business in the different locations but found themselves against each other on the table of money and started a sinister and actual gripping plot. Arbaz Sheikh, son of a Dockworker, was raised in a Muslim family with very limited resources at the hand but Arbaz was always motivated to study hard till the day he lost his father, the only bread maker of family and eventually led Arbaz to take his father's place as the earning member & feed his mother . With time, Arbaz started trying his hand in local business under the patronage of & Abdul dad his journey towards affluence started . On another side, Arvid was raised in an upper-class Marwari family & had started investing in different businesses since school days & using the same tactics, years later, he landed on the Forbes list of Richest Man. 
The dates, the geographical specifications and detailed description of the actions in the book add to its authenticity. While the novel is simple , the narrative is not passive and leaves covert clues to hint the incident taking place in the book,but lets the reader keep track of them .Like Archer, Ashwin doesn't go deep into the emotional turmoil faced by the characters, instead, he focuses on one aspect of their lives. It can either be a motive or a driving emotion of revenge or pride or even sense of duty towards public. It's because of this that I didn't find myself as involves and attached to the character as to the plot.Beside this outline the plot is balanced on of the famous myth or better say about the oldest brotherhood of the world, Ashoka's Nine which was deemed to protect a secret whose presence in the public milieu can bring havoc.
'cause I felt sated after wrapping the book so I'll give 5/5 to the sagaciously written The Sialkot Saga .

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