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The Honest Season

Engaging ....... Perspicuously Written !!!


Title: The Honest Season
Author: Kota Neelima
Genre: Fiction
Publishers:  Random House India
Price: INR. 299
Goodreads Rating: 5/5


Honesty ? When Stuck in a generation where loyalty is just a Tattoo, Love is just a Quote and Lying is a new truth then what exactly defines Honesty? & like spring, Rainy, Winter or Autumn Does there exist any ' Honest Season ', a season in which people undergoes some psychological change and start being ' Honest ' though for a time being. And what will happen if out of blue this season comes to existence, and people decided, to be honest? How will this decision affect them? What consequences the need to face while choosing this new path? How will the people in their milieu react? And most importantly, how 'll the slaves of deception respond?

' The Honest Season ' written by Kota Neelima is an engaging political thriller that revolves around a known journalist, Mira Mouli. Armed with special powers to read people's thoughts by their acts, the way they speak, their expressions or the things they wear, she writes for a newspaper on political issues.Then one fine morning, she was called into the editor's cabin to court Mahesh Bansi, president of the currently ruling central government and was informed her of an outrageous game which may destroy his entire political career and the game was set by none other than his own son, Sikander Bansi. Sikander was disappeared and left a CD, with a clue at the end of the recording addressed to her, and a letter for Mahesh which says that the tapes will be kept on coming till Mira finds him.The tape was the recorded conversation in the Parliament about an agriculture scam held within the party and Nalan Malik, a rising leader of the same political party, was accused of being the part of the scam. With time, more tapes reached her mail which put the country in a turmoil, time to time, and she realised that she could settle this conundrum only at the cost of her life.
With this book, the author has revealed what goes behind the curtains. Like the storyline, Author has embedded the characters strongly that will house in the mind of any reader. Beginning with our Protagonist, Mira Mouli, an intelligent, good looking and courteous lady who's caught up in her past for being an orphan and craves for death.'Death is the best part of life ' is what she believed. Aa an extreme introvert She didn't need people, he wasn't used to them in her submerged world of constant loneliness. But her gift of reading thoughts hurt her sometimes, and when that happened, she wished there was someone who saved her from herself.
Then Comes Salat Vasudev, another Know-Journalist, who admires Mira for her profession and eventually turned out to be a helping hand of Mira on the immediate case . Smart and intelligent like Mira, he with his powers of analysing and reading hidden patterns help her to the best,
Then comes perspicacious Sikander who lost his mother at very young age, battled his odds alone and likes to challenge himself, normalcy bores him. He can long play strategies, never lose focus of his aim and achieve with precision. He wants more than what destiny has chosen for him. Albeit I'd finished this book hours before writing this review, but still not able to zeroed my favourite character. Nalan Malik surely is the part of that list, who is bolted as a classy politician. Patient like a wolf, he analyses his every move and of course initially feared to court Mira 'cause of her natural gift.But as the crisis deepens he slowly found himself to be protective for Mira, absolutely unlike his personality.
Apart from all these major characters of the plot, one that constantly hovers in my thoughts is Gopi, actually people like Gopi.People like Gopi came to Delhi to be rescued from the poverty of their villages and didn't have enough money but they not just survive, they live. They live in the small quarters keeping their setbacks at a side. And who're those people, like Gopi? They could be anyone from your Laundry guy to the sweeper or the grocery man or the cobbler, that sits beneath a tree somewhere near your home.They just live their life but no one could ever experience the harsh realities they need to face.
Yes, I failed to zero my favourite character but I know it's only 'Bharat' who deserves my concrete hatred.Wearing the mask of being People's representative, he actually bluffed 'em and caught red-handed in one of the tapes being a dirty politician, a term which people like him usually used to soil other politicians.No doubt, such people exist in the real world and are the actual threat to the society.
The only thing that was hard to digest while reading the book was the inefficiency of the intel agencies to keep an eye on a high potential target.
So 'The Honest Season' is one of the highly charged and must-read political fiction that 'll keep u glued till the very page and left the reader with a tempting question:"So finally  who's the guy ? "

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This is Not a Paid Review ! I received this Book as a Review Copy from Author & The Opinions expressed in the review are my own , and remain unbiased and uninfluenced . "

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