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EOTM : Brothers At War

Profoundly Moving !!!


Title: Brothers At War 
Author: Alex Rutherford
Genre: Ficton
Publishers:  Headline Review
Price: INR. 399
Goodreads Rating : 5/5


" Brothers at War " is the second installment of Empire of the Moghul series , narrating the life span of a true warrior & leader , Humayun with the pinch of fiction making it one of the riveting historical fiction of all times . Book covers almost all the adventures , tragedies , contradictions and eventual triumphs of Humayun's extra-ordinary life .
Story launched with Babur's reign in northern India as the Emperor of Hindustan but with time gets infected with the social ills that pulls him on the path as that of his father . He'd discovered the sensual languor that a few pellets of opium could induce which triggered some chain of events that not just degraded his name but also the standard of living and hence starts the true gripping portion of the book . Plot also holds how treachery , haughtiness and greediness cause the downfall of the the grand empire left by Babur but at the same time author had successfully embedded the fact that doesn't matter how much bigger issues are they could be resolved by several ways , Death is not an answer in every case and how sometimes promises too need not be broken just for the cause of justice . 

Likewise raiders from the North , authors had beautifully depicted each and every scene from the battlefields to the village and even the forts . And what touched my heart after reading the book are two facts :

1) Loyalty : Author had bolted some characters that were unconditionally loyal to Humayun and his cause . They followed him in every battle , from treacherous Himalyas to Persia . And probably same people are the root cause of establishment of such a great empire which indirectly directed this nation to a more peaceful path .

2) Humayun : In schooling all I'm taught in History regarding Mughal era is about Akbar , Humayun's son and the others in the family tree like Babur , Humayun , Shahjahan & Aurangjeb covers barely a paragraph . And after reading more than 400 pages about this fiercest warrior , I'm bound to put this man among some of the inspiring personalities . He fought and win just to make sure his heir , Akbar , will get more than what his own father had left for him . Unlike other Kings , He stand by his soldiers in the battle field and sometimes even lead them deep into enemy's territory . He also respects women and hence always make sure that their protection should be done with utmost care . A Man of words he was , fulfilling the promise he'd given to his father till the last breath and even remembered the one he'd made to a mere soldier to sit on his throne as an emperor for few hours . 

As I'd mentioned above , authors had not just described milieu in a wonderful way but also minutely crafted each and every character . Bairam Khan , a persian who was send by Shah of Persia as 2nd in command of his army to help Humayan for recovering his empire but surrendered his loyalty to Humayun just 'cause he'd saved his life once and world knows what a sharp military strategist he was . Next comes , Hamida who was wedded to Humayun even before her teenage but stood with him in his every high and low . She devoted her complete life for the sake of mission that her husband had initiated . Khanzada , my favourite and aunt of Humayun , who palys the role of a true mentor in Humayun's life just like his grandmother played a crucial role in advising to his father Babur . The lady in herself is the described as an epitome of women-power . Ahmend Khan , chief of Scouts of Humayun's army , who used to plan up the procession details of his own that too by sending advance scout parties and lead his scouts in the worst-case scenarios . Jauhar , Humayun's personal attendant indirectly played a crucial role in Humayun's life serving his master at his best and most importantly sticked with him through out his journey . Kamran , Humayun's half brother is embedded as a witty and greedy prince who thinks of being undermined by his father 'cause his name was not second by his father for the Emperor . Askari , Kamran's full brother is depicted as the the alterego of Kamran doubting the strength of Humayun and declared him unfit to rule . Hindal , closest half brother to humayun , is shown as the only brother who from all his heart wishes to play an important role in Humayun's cause but destiny had not written same for 'em . Last but the least Gulbadan , Humayun's half sister who grown up in the fort with other brothers but supported Humayun and played herself as ambassador for Humayun on numerous occasions .
So " Brothers at War " is an unputdownable book with a grand narrative style that reveals the history in gripping way .

" Hamida broke the silence first . ' He'll not listen to soft pleas . Make him pay in blood for his callousness and cruelty . ' ' I'll ' , replied Humayun. 

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