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35 and Sexless in Ahmedabad



Title: 35 and Sexless in Ahmedabad 
Author: Robin David 
Genre: Ficton
Publishers: Harpers Collins In
Price: INR. 325
Goodreads Rating : 3/5


' 35 and Sexless in Ahmedabad ' revolves around the Protagonist Anant , a struggling photographer in Ahmedabad , tormented by a bitch with three legs in his nightmare which was chained to his ankle . Anant had named that bitch - ' Tripod ' 'cause she'd three legs and three legs symbolise three different people which always bothers him from Diane Arbus , a photographer , Raashee , her beloved cum friend and His father with whom he had tough relationship .Lack of Sleep & fear took over him every time he tried to close his eyes . Anant had not experienced the company of a woman for almost six years and had become comfortable numb by his bouts of excessive mastur*ation . Beside Tripod's dream , Anant also potrayed as a day dreamer who lost in his dream or slipped to past even while talking to someone . Then there's ' Raashee ' who lived in New Zealand with her kiwi husband and call him at odd hours when she was usually drunk . So ' 35' in Name of the book points the Age of Anant while ' Sexless in Ahmedabad ' defines her sexless life and ever coming dreams . 

Fav Moments :

# Raashee's conversation with Anant .
# Way Anant ask for coffee to Aparna .
# Conversation with Mrs Patel when he gave up his job as a photographer of Children International Association .
# Anant's flirting with Japanese Woman .
# Mistakenly called a proctologist instead of psychologist .

Negatives :

# Plot is not pacy . Somewhere after covering half of the leaves , there's a vacuum .
# Lack in detailing of surroundings .

So ' 35 and Sexless in Ahmedabad ' is a fun reading .

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This is Not a Paid Review ! I received this Book as a Review Copy from Reader Cosmos  & The Opinions expressed in the review are my own , and remain unbiased and uninfluenced . "

                                                                            - Rahul Rai Khatri

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