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Know Your Author : Ketan Bhagat

Though I am a writer, I do not enjoy writing all that much. It is too much of hard work.  "

Rahul :  What lead you to write Child/God  ? Did you enjoy writing the book  ? Would you write another ? 

Author : My personal experiences and emotions from fatherhood lead me to write Child/God.
While I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book, there was also a fair bit of effort, struggle and rejections involved in getting this book published. But this book is one of the best things that has happened to me. My previous book was also well received but the amount of love, respect and encouragement I have received for Child/God is mind blowing.
 Yes. I will be writing another novel. But it will be totally different from my previous two books.

Rahul :  Would you kindly debrief about Child/God for all those who yet to taste your book ? 

Author : It’s the story about a 35 year old father trying to learn wisdom and the meaning of life from his newborn baby. My protagonist is like many men of today’s age – ambitious, hardworking, adjusting, flexible, sacrificing, loving etc. – and yet he only finds disappointments and failures coming his way. He swings from being a total relationship man to being a selfish loner and yet is unable to crack the formula of happiness. Until one day when he becomes a father and someone advises him that in every house, it is a child who is the happiest. With the same family members, with the same economic condition… somehow a child finds bliss even though he is the tiniest and the most powerless inhabitant. This is a book that will surely make a reader introspect about his or her attitude towards life.

Rahul :  What challenges you face while writing Child/God?

Author : This novel was really tough. The story is so different and unique; it is hard to put it into a particular genre. It is not a love story. It is not a bank heist. No murders, rapes etc. happen. Rather I am talking about a child’s behavior and relating it to the Holy Geeta. Keeping the story interesting and yet true to the principals of a child and spirituality was a big challenge. For this project, my team of previewers included followers of The Holy Geeta, parents of young children, avid readers and language experts.
Once finished, I also struggled to get publishers. No one wants to publish a thick book nowadays. Then some editors refused, citing the content to be too controversial.
But the way the novel is being loved, all that sweat and struggle seems worthwhile 

Rahul :  What else you want your readers to know? Consider here your liked & dislikes, your interests and hobbies, your favorite ways to unwind-whatever comes in mind.

Author : I lead a normal middleclass life that has more traffic jams than actual jam on the bread. I work hard and keep thinking I will party harder but by the time the work is over, I am too exhausted to party. So nothing special about me or my life 
As for likes, I love watching stupid movies to unwind. For me, story and storytelling is a huge responsibility. Akin to meditation. So whenever a movie, book or play is well made I get so involved that I am unable to unwind. To relax, I have to watch something that has no brains and passion.  My favorite actor was and still is Govinda.

Rahul :  What line comes to your mind when someone flags the name " Book " ?

Author : Intelligence. Dumb people can’t read.

Rahul :   Give us three " Good to know " facts about you . Tell us about your first job , any fun detail you like to share.

Author : I cry watching Indian movies. Especially, whenever a scene comes when a child is being taken away from his father.

Though I am a writer, I do not enjoy writing all that much. It is too much of hard work. This is the reason you don’t see me writing articles, blogs, etc. Out of laziness, I have even resisted writing scripts based on my novels.

I am younger than Chetan though for some reason I always come across as elder to him. 

Rahul :  What are the favourite books to give- & get- as gifts ?

Author : Chetan’s 2 States is a very good book to give as a gift. 
For receiving, I would love to be gifted different commentaries or interpretations of the Holy Geeta.

Rahul : Name the books which inspires you in any-ways in your life .

Author : The Holy Geeta is always with me. I read it every day and there isn’t any situation I have encountered whose solution isn’t written in this book. 
I strongly recommend the Holy Geeta to every person who reads.

Rahul : What are you reading right now ? Are there any authors ( Dead or alive ) that you would name as influences .

Author : The Holy Geeta commentary by Swami Chinmayananda. I would love to read more but unfortunately bulk of my waking hours are spent in ensuring my bills are paid for. ☺

Rahul :   What do you love the most as the citizen of India.

Author : It is a privilege to be born as an Indian. You inherit a past and a future that is the brightest in the world and a present that is definitely embarrassing. From television news to walking down the roads, one sees so many things going wrong that every Indian can and should make a positive difference towards making India a better place.

Rahul :  Few days back  our beloved Former President Dr. APJ Abdul kalam's sudden demise shook everyone in India . Nation mourns for his great son . Had you ever met President Kalam ? How President Kalam inspired you ? 

Author : I have never met the late President Kalam but he was someone whom I truly adored. Until his last minute, he was teaching. He wasn’t sitting in a television debate trying to get three seconds to speak or anything like that. He was actually on the ground delivering a lecture to the youth of India. 
I pray I too depart the world this way.

Rahul   How do you see future of Reading Novels in India .

Author : eBooks is a huge revolution that is just waiting to reach its tipping point in India. 
Once that tsunami happens, reading will be back in vogue and that pleases me not just as a writer but also as an Indian.  A nation that reads surely succeeds.

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