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And The Heart Died

Is It Really a Debut .......... ?


Life is very fragile and vulnerable to the end just as the rain that can stop any moment. Every breath we take has the potential to be our last; every heartbeat can be the last beat we feel. Just a single blow, a fraction of second can crush your life along with the saved dreams and future. Nature tests Ashwani and Suman in the form of the cloudburst incident at Kedarnath. People show their ugliest version when fear of death alarms them. Both of them are trapped with four other people in the ugliest scenario possible. Will they fall for each other’s ugliest version? Will they be strong enough to fight nature and survive? 


Title: And The Heart Died 
Author: Aseem Srivastava
Genre: Ficton
Publishers: Leadstart Coprp 
Price: INR. 195
Goodreads Rating : 5/5


Truth be told When I started the Book first few pages make me think as if I'm reading John Green ( Why ? ... will explained later in review ) and by the end I'm speechless .... Silence gripped for few minutes and realized that the plot is truly amazing .

' And The Heart Died ' is the debut novel pen down by Young Author Aseem Srivastava which takes you on ride of Emotions from Sadness to Thrill to joy and even lands you to tears on many spots if you are quite sensitive . Plot is narrated by the protagonist Ashwani who's a Law School student and lives in Hostel with his best friends DG and Sarthak .Plot hatched with Ashwani's visit to a cancer Hospital to donate blood on the 5th death anniversary of his father due to cancer and stumble up into a Girl in a park which steals his heart beat . Days later Ashwin went to a trip high in mountains with his family and friends where he met the same girl again and chain if events took place in a manner which switches the life of Ashwani .
Author has sucessfully portrayed every single character of Story in a very unique way . Ashwani , our protagonist about whom whole story revolves belongs to a poor family , good with studies & had seen ample struggle in his life and tries to be the best in every possible scenario . Khushi is also portrayed very well . Author has bolted an inspiring Brother-Sister relation with Khushi and Ashwani's Chemistry .
His metaphors and similes thud onto the page , Suman too is embedded as a looker , engineer by profession and believes in the principle of Being Honest .She always sticked with her pet line ' Ek Shikayat Hai Tumse ' . DG nicknamed for Digvijay is portrayed as a charming and fun loving guy who thinks life is too short to be wasted on crying or doing stuff that you dont like to . Sarthak is fixed as a studious fellow wants to become a good lawyer , want to earn enough to support his family and somewhere is secretly in love with Sneha , his classmate but don't want to acknowledge . 
Author has bolt Pet Names like Glasses and DG which makes reader felt reading John Green . Writing is seamless and the page turning character raised with every flip of page . 

This book taught lots of lessons : 
# Relationship : Relationship doesn't mean saying sweet words to your partner every day . If a Relationship is not growing you then its not worth . People in relationship should be one other's pillars , should motivate one another to do best in their studies or in profession . And Today's generation is somewhere missing this basic tip .
#Should always follow the path of Truth and Honesty .
#With Netaji and Vinit , author try to remind the reader that Sinner always ended up getting punishments of his sin .
#DG's role speaks how one should leave his life .
#Some scenario from the book also taught the reader how Jealousy and Money blinds the thoughts of any person and could lead any relation on brink to break .
#Sarthak's portray reveals that one doesn't need money to stay happy . Its our family which truly matters . People in our life are our true assets .
#Tauji's character nailed that Good people are still posted on earth and Blood Realtions don't makes a family . Family is a dish with ingredients of Kindness , Honesty and Loyalty .

Minor Situations that i came across while reading is the fact that 1-2 stances are unrealistic . 

So ' And The Heart Died ' is a crisp and fun read book jam packed with emotions .

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This is Not a Paid Review ! I received this Book as a Review Copy from Author  & The Opinions expressed in the review are my own , and remain unbiased and uninfluenced . "

                                                                            - Rahul Rai Khatri

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