Saturday, 8 August 2015

SPPOTLIGHT ON Eight Fbian Hearts by Harsha Shastry


The face has many facets and people @ Face book make yet another one. The eight young hearts who call themselves as FBian’s fall in love on Face book. What would happen when they meet face to face? Can they find exactly what they have desired? If not, are they ready to face the true facet of reality? And above all, can real love sustain reality?

 Eight Fbian Hearts  at following Link

  Eight FBian Hearts


Harsha Shastry is a dynamic creative writer with over eight years of experience in the areas of  creative script writing including animation screenplay, lyrics, Novellas, Novels, copy ads, contents, jingles, game concepts and dialogues.  He has written stories/screen plays for very acclaimed and popular cartoon shows like Choota Bheem, Motu and Patlu. His stories have been published in international journals like “Earthen Lamp Journal.”  His debut novel “The eight FBian hearts” is being published by Numerique Publication. Apart from being a writer, Harsha is a humanitarian who believes in the strength of each individual irrespective of race and gender.
                                                 - Rahul Rai Khatri

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