Friday, 7 August 2015

INTERVIEW of Author  

Rahul :  When did you first realize that you wanted to write?

Author : When I knew I had a wonderful story and it had to be penned down. It was the story that made me an author; else I actually never had an inclination towards writing. And surprisingly it has become a passion now.

   Rahul : Hidden Husband is your debut book, what lead you to write it? Did you enjoy writing it? Would you write another?

Author : Hidden Husband is a wonderful story about a simple girl who gets entangled in her own secret that stays with her for the rest of her life. I wanted to bring Aisha’s character to the world. If it wasn’t her, I would have never written this book.

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. I have lived with my characters for more than six months when the book was in the making.

I am already writing my second book too.

Rahul : What challenges did you face while writing Hidden Husband?

Author : The only challenge was to bring out the true character of Aisha, the way I felt she should have been portrayed, a girl who has something in common to every other girl. She is such a real character that one can feel the depth of her thoughts and emotions.
That was my objective to create an Aisha as real as possible and I hope I did justice to her role.

Rahul : Aisha is very well developed & unique character in your book? Is it based on someone you know while researching for your book?

Author : Aisha is definitely inspired by many women I have known in my life. She has some shades of me too. I had spent lot of time imagining her character. I spent every moment of my life with her while I was writing the book, as if she was herself narrating her story to me.

Rahul :  What else do you want your readers to know? Consider here your likes & dislikes, your interests and hobbies, your favourite ways to unwind-whatever comes in mind.

Author : Apart from writing, I love to dance. I used to choreograph a lot when I was in school and college. I was almost always found on stage, either in debates, speeches, declamations, dancing, acting, almost in all extra-curricular activities.

I think a lot, I suppose my mind never stops imagining things around. I love to create a world of my own when I am writing. That’s the best time for me when I actually feel I am with me. That’s the easiest way to bring out my thoughts to the world.

My daughter is my stress-buster. She keeps me occupied when I am not working or writing.

Rahul :  Give us three “Good to know" facts about you. Tell us about your first job, any fun detail you like to share.

Author :  I am a Libran, maybe that’s the reason I am quite balanced in whatever I do. I plan things and define timelines and deadlines in my mind. I don’t easily jump to conclusions. I know I am not an easy person to handle.

I have been working in the staffing industry for more than ten years and enjoy my work. I am heading the Contract Staffing division in my current company and I am actively involved in the Business development as well.

Well, I can never forget my first job as I met the man of my life there, who is now my husband.

 Rahul : What are the favourite books to give- & get- as gifts?

Author :  I enjoy receiving any kind of books as gifts, as I am open to read all genres. I don’t like to stick to a particular style always.

When it comes to gifting a book, I tend to read the person’s mind and choices first. You can’t of course gift an encyclopedia to a child. Same goes for grown-ups too. 

Rahul :  What are your 10 favourite books & why? What was the book that influenced your life & why?

Author :  It would be difficult to name 10 books. But yes, I am extremely fond of The Millennium Trilogy and The Fountainhead.
There are many books which have inspired me in one of the other ways but I can’t think of one book which might have influenced my life as a whole.

Rahul :  What are you reading right now? Are there any authors (Dead or alive) that you would name as influences?

Author :  I am currently reading Burning Sapphires by Suresh Goswami and the next one on my shelf to be read is The Godfather.

I have never been into reading books by any one particular author as such. I love to explore different writers and different books. I can pick up anything randomly and start reading. I don’t plan my reading patterns. Hence, it is difficult to name any one author in particular as an influence.

Rahul : Do enlighten us about your upcoming book.

Author :  Hidden Husband is a story which will touch everyone’s heart to the core. People who have read it tell me that they just could not keep it down till they had finished reading it. I feel so honoured when I see such excellent reviews of my book from all renowned reviewers in the industry. I wish all my readers would love reading it and would wait to receive my second book too which is still in the making.

Rahul :  What do you love the most as the citizen of India?

Author : I think that would be unity in diversity. With so many religions, castes, cultures, traditions, languages, attires, we still have managed to live in harmony for many centuries. India is emerging as a strong economy, a powerful nation and the world is recognizing our potential. 

Rahul : Few days back our beloved Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's sudden demise shook everyone in India. Nation mourns for his great son. Do share your views on listening such saddened news. How President Kalam inspired you?

Author :  It is indeed a great loss for the entire nation. It’s very rare that we see such strong leaders. Such people are born one in a million who become inspirations to everyone.

I was actually planning to send a copy of my first book to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to seek his blessings and advice or feedback. Unfortunately, I lost that opportunity.  


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