Thursday, 23 July 2015


"As soon as the CO Dinesh Singh got confirmation that two of his Choppers were down and prior the pilots had confirmed the course of destruction and blood shed by Pakistani Patrolling Forces , he barked the command to dispatch Echo 1 immediate effectively . Within 5 minutes of CO's Order , a Su-30 MKI was
airborne to carry out a Search & surveillance operation for the coordinates where the controller lost contact from Choppers . Scorching through the sky at Mach 2 , 8 minutes later Echo 1 reach in sight of coordinates and a minutes later Echo 1 confirmed the downed choppers and the flames erupting in the village , caused by Pak Patrolling party for sure. Dinesh Singh ordered Echo 1 to had a quick visual on the LOC . The Indian pilot pushed the nose of the Su-30 MKI in a course above the rocky terrain causing it to move at more than 1300 miles per hour and knowingly penetrated the LOC to have a quick view of the Base probably from where the Butchers were dispatched but in seconds Echo 1 found the anti missile alarm ringing , and a standard protocol is initiated with releasing flares to deviate fired missiles from the aircraft and moving back to Indian Airspace . Out of blue Echo 1 was ordered to stay in air and join Echo 2 and Echo 3 and launch an offensive attack on the Pak base . " Dispatch those butchers to hell . How can they massacre our citizens . Justice has to be done " were the words of Dinesh Singh listened in for few  seconds by all three pilots and 3 minutes later Echo 1 , Echo 2 and Echo 3 fly in attack position and empty the load from their bay . 23 Air To Ground missiles were launched and in few seconds , enemy base was vanished . " 

                                                      - Rahul Rai Khatri

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