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That Frequent Visitor


Book Review Dedicated To My Best Friend .....

After Finishing the book , I Felt reading  a true suspense thriller after long time . From Beginning to end it just keep me hooked to a very innocent in beginning but a very thick plot with every turned page . 
So what makes me pick this Book is the Opening Quote of the Book which author had dedicated to Nirbhaya ( Delhi Rape Case Victim ) and lines as follows ... " These wounds don't seem to heal ...this pain is just too real . There's just too much that time can't erase " . These lines left me with the memories of that Heinous act and the courage that the Girl shown fighting for her life and how the whole India Stormed in her support . 

Beginning with the Cover , I'll give it 5/5 , a cover which I think a thriller must have . Curious enough to let the Reader pick in a go which ofcourse it is .Front Cover is designed in Blood Red Colour , With the Name HARI KUMAR bolted at top , beneath which lies is a impression of a hand over which is framed a silver half rupee coin  designed elegantly and clearly imprinted the year 1945 on it .On the lower end of Cover lies is the Name of the Book THAT FREQUENT VISITOR : EVERY FACE HAS A DARKER SIDE .

Back Cover too holds the same blood red colour and holds the image of the coin as on front cover and beneath it is embedded an epitome of the book .

" Why are outsiders not allowed on Vypeen Island after sunset? What brought Richard Baxter to the dreaded Clifford Mansion in 1948? Where did Baxter and his wife disappear on the night of Pournami? Who is the visitor that the fishermen fear so much? How do true love and destiny justify their existence? How far will One Man go for the one he loves? Will he go beyond death? 

Six decades later, Shiuli Dutta is mysteriously lured into the Mansion, where she encounters the ghost of Richard Baxter. The grieving ghost tells her an incomplete story of its life. 
A story that will reveal the darker side of a man’s mind. A story that shall unveil a venomous truth of the past. A story so sinister that it could alter the fate of an entire nation’s future. A story of courage and cowardice, of deceit and insanity. 


Coming to Writing which is flawless and Author had put some beautiful lines while writing the plot. Whole story is Divided into three parts : The New Arrivals , The Ghost's Story & The Frequent Visitor .
Plot unfolds with depicting one of the Protagonist , Pakhi who's journalist by profession covering the story of the protest going on at India Gate claiming justice for the Delhi braveheart Nirbhaya and epilogue too holds the Scenario of Mass Protest blooming on Rajpath in December of 2012 . Story revolves around a Englishman Ghost Richard Baxter , an Author Parosh Dutta , Shuili Dutta ( Daughter of Parosh ) , Pakhi ( Sister of Parosh ) with timecycle ranging from 1940s to 2012 . The Future PM Of India , MC Jagannatha Varma offered Parosh through Pakhi to write his biography and for the research work , Author sailed out to ancestral town of Jagannatha with his family . Parosh lost her wife an year ago and Shuili meant the world to both Brother and Sister . One night Shuili got missing and found herself at a haunted Clifford mansion which was portrayed with child fantasies as one found while watching Cartoon Network . So Thanks to Author for refreshing the childhood memories and then begin the puzzle webbed story which let the fingers flip the page and gaze struck to the 26 letters which in different combinations patched an outstanding Thriller . Author had depicted very little things which gives a upward curve to your mouth . Beside a Huge applause for Author to flag some evils of our society and Embedding good thoughts in Readers mind .

~With Female Protagonist in the plot , Author had succesfully accomplished his duty of giving moral teaching to readers by reminding them of Respecting Women . That a Society will bloom & stay Prosperous if we respect women and Inspite of Surrendering to evil one must fight . 

~ Strongly Putting the matter of treacherous Indian Ritual where widowed wife would give up her life by jumping into funeral pyre of deceased husband , which i think is a disgust to the society and should be Completely banned . 

~ Beside in end Ghost pronounced " A Man writes his own Destiny and pays for his sins " which I think has housed in my mind forever and Compels me to always walk on the path of Righteous.

So inshort the Book is Must Read Thriller, actually a TRULY SUPERNATURAL THRILLER !!

" Whatever happens , one must move on in life ...... I want you to be courageous . I am not sure how much the world has changed , but sadly , it is still governed by people who like to keep you under wraps . I want you to follow your heart and change that condition forever ..... " 


Author: Hari Kumar
Genre: Crime , Thriller 
Publishers: Srishti Publishers
Price: INR. 120

That Frequent Visitor  is available at following Link


This is Not a Paid Review ! The Opinions expressed in the review are my own , and remain unbaised and uninfluenced . "

                                             - Rahul Rai Khatri

" I Would like to dedicate this Book Review to a person , to whom I respect as I did for my Mom , One who is as precious to me as my Mom . This one for my best friend Granger . Yes We'd not talk in few months , but all I want you to know is that You're And always stays the Password to me . When I Count my blessings , I Count you twice and You're and always stays my Family . I must admit that there was not even a single moment passed when I didn't missed you in past few months . Your absence left a void in me , a void that no one can fill . I always wish you buy a Ferrari and share it with a Gentleman but at same time I also wish that in-case that Ferrari gets Crippled , I will be the one who travel with you in the Bus . And Stay Happy . Your Happiness Matters to me even if its without me :) If possible , always stay as my Best Friend . 

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