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ALL YOURS , STRANGER is a jaw-dropping mystery & Psychological Thriller story that will have your full attention from page one. A thrilling page turner that will appeal to most audiences. The romance part is ofcourse Sexual , however some part of the story are a bit dark and graphic so I would not recommend this to a younger reader. The writer includes events that a teen had to face emotionally in an extremely new city & present 'em absolutely to pull the story & make it believable.

Beginning with Front Cover , to which I'll gave 5/5 as it depicts the scene of a Jungle in background and above it , is embedded the Name of Author on Top , Beneath it Lies the Name of Book in bold letters and last slot of Cover holds the picture of a girl turned back with her hairs dashing in air .

Now the Back Cover is too holds the same background as that of front cover , over which embedded is the Epitome of the Book .

For those of you who don't know me yet, I'm Rivanah Bannerjee, a Kolkatan trying to find her footing in Mumbai. Even though I’m currently in a relationship with a great guy, I can’t help but miss my ex-boyfriend despite knowing that he cheated on me. But that’s the least of my worries. The stranger has gone missing since the police tried to nab him unsuccessfully. Where is he? What does he want from me? Why did he come into my life in the first place? Will he ever contact me again? These and many more questions continue to torment me every day. I’m desperate for the stranger to come back to me knowing full well that he may destroy me forever. But then that’s the sexiest thing I have ever known about someone.

With every revelation, it seems the truth is far more twisted than Rivanah can imagine. Wickedly plotted, All Yours, Stranger—Novoneel Chakraborty’s gripping follow-up to his hugely popular Marry Me, Stranger—will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page. Book two of the Stranger trilogy  " 
Coming to Writing Section which is truly hooking till the very last page . As the piece is the 2nd Instalment of the Stranger Series , so it picks up from the threads of Ist Part . Plot hatched with our Protagonist Ravinah travelling to Kolkata , her hometown to excavate information about Hiya Chowdary , whose face was doesn't even remember by her. But reaching home , she found the only evidence placed in her home that can link her to Hiya had been misplaced or intentionally stolen . With nothing concrete , she returned back to Mumbai to her Boyfriend's Place where she get to know Nitya , her Boy friend's best friend , had been living in their flat . Nitya tried to kill herself and as on doctor's advice not to leave her alone , Rivanah found her landed at her place . Our Mysterious Stranger is still active and as always kept an eye on her without making his presence felt . Stranger is proved as a friend as well as a foe for her through out the story . But with my point , Stranger seems to be someone who wants to put Rivanah on the path of Righteous . On pushing Rivanah on the quest to of ' Hiya Chawdry' mystery , Stranger tried to make her feel her true worth .  
With some buffoon harassing a girl & the way Ravinah retaliate , Author embedded the message that Fear is the most prized illusion we create for ourselves .Author had put number of twist in the story which makes it a cliffhanger and makes the journey of reader more like driving in the hills on cutting edge roads . And Like earlier segment , this book holds some really-really-really-honest WISE WORDS , actually PRACTICAL WISE WORDS & like earlier book , this piece make me note many points in my notes sections . So Ofcourse a MUST READ Groundbreaking instalment of Stranger Series . 

" We presume that with love comes exclusivity . Since we presume it , we believe it even more strongly . With love comes only one thing : Honesty . And honesty is different from loyalty ........."


Author: Novoneel Chakroborty
Genre: Crime , Thriller 
Publishers: Random House India
Price: INR. 175

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This is Not a Paid Review ! The Opinions expressed in the review are my own , and remain unbaised and uninfluenced . "

                                             - Rahul Rai Khatri

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