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Super-Duper Thriller that hooked you with the different combination of letters that author had used to wrote this masterpiece . From beginning to very end , plot is fabricated with number of twist for which Author deserves an applause . A Story which is weaved with Supernatural effects . 


5/5 for the Front Cover which is designed in a manner that it'll surely let the Reader to Pick the Book very instant his/her fell upon its cover . 

Author had strongly portrayed the Characters which makes the Reader to fell in love with the way characters are defined . The Story unfold with John , a prison officer , who wakeup on a couch with 
 zero recollection of how he got there .the front door lock is unbolted, and the alarm is disarmed. Alice’s underwear is neatly folded on top of her slippers––she knows she went to bed wearing them. Fearing they may have been victimized in their own home, they contact the authorities. 

John and Alice discover they have been the latest victims of “The Magic Man,” a rogue hypnotist that gets into people’s dreams, makes them do his bidding, and has them reveal their darkest secrets. The FBI considers him a threat to the country. Some departments within the Halls of Justice want him eliminated; others think his talents could help solve crimes. They ask John and Alice’s help to bring the Magic Man to heel. None of them realize that their intended target is manipulating them. Everyone has secrets, and the Magic Man knows them all. 

When a steamy fantasy shared between Alice and the Magic Man unveils a unique connection between them, it changes the rules of his game. All Alice and John had ever wanted was for the Magic Man to get out of their dreams––but now, they can never go back to the life they had before… 

Get Out of My Dreams is the captivating first novel of Allan J. Lewis. 


Title: Get Out Of My Dreams
Author: Allan J. Lewis
Genre: Crime , Thriller 
Publishers: Cavern of Dreams Publishing
Price: $16.95

Get Out Of My Dreams  is available at following Link


This is Not a Paid Review ! The Opinions expressed in the review are my own , and remain unbaised and uninfluenced . "

                                             - Rahul Rai Khatri

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