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" 1982. Three teenage girls planning a flight from the Soviet Union to the West end up being sold in Mumbai's red-light area instead. The murders start a quarter of a century later. The victims are all men. All of them tricks, waiting for trysts with high-class escorts. DCP Rita Ferreira is quick to recognize the serial-killer strain; the media isn't far behind. The news sends shock-waves through the city. The first serial killer in living memory of Mumbai is out on the streets. As Rita grapples to establish the killer's pattern through Bhendi Bazaar, the killer gives her 24 hours to stop the next murder. Can she do that before she becomes the next victim? "

Bhendi Bazaar was an entertaining & tightly woven tale read with multiple surprises , I buzzed through it in 24 hours . The Book moves at a quick pace with solid dose of tension and thrills , and keep me wondering how story going to turn out . With flawless writing , Author successfully managed to keep the twists and climax till the very last page . After reading this spell-bounding crime thriller , Author Vish Dhamija to me is the Audi of the Crime Thriller Market in India .
The plot is set in a manner to put brain in top gear while flipping the pages . Bhendi Bazaar revolves around the a police detective DCP Rita Ferreira chasing an intelligent serial killer . Author has deeply pencil down the character of the main protagonist . Rita is portrayed as a sharp and equable officer with a voice that never betrayed her emotions ,her coffee brown eyes were known to be as quick to capture as a high speed camera shutter with wide angled view . A police officer who drinks , lived on coffee and works better than any male counterpart . Plot rolls out with the phone call to DCP Rita alerting about a murder of Adit Lele who was found dead without any clothes and lay in a pool of blood . Initially murder is investigated as a homicide but further killing with very much identical manner flagged up the scenario of a Serial Killer in Mumbai . And with it starts the crispy journey of twists and turns . on some stances it felt as probability of finding the killer is not any greater than crossing the Atlantic in a a paper boat . Investigation of DCP carries out in 2007 , beside author has embedded a different story line staring three girls who landed in India for Asian Games in 1982 but never returned back to Soviet Union . Plot goes in a manner that both stories inter-wind with pages . 

Beside the main protagonist , author deserves an applause for bolting side characters in an interesting way . Commissioner is nickenamed as Sexy who demonstrates his lexicon pompous prick which fills the space of humour on regular intervals . Joint CP Vijay Joshi is also portrayed in a mannered way .

Author has successfully fulfil his social duty by Pouring some important issues like   : 

* Author has put words as a strong coffee which left the taste of Serial Killer's Ideology .
* How world of prostitute is shown as a dark underbelly that no dared to talk about . 
* How police officials works 24x7 , 365 days in year to keep the city safe but citizens never rise to praise them .
*How in India standard operating procedure are so ill that police needs to patch court orders to Mobile companies to zeroed down the mobile telephone coordinates of Culprits .
*Author has maturely flagged how immaturely electronic media of this nation handle any crisis . Opinioned stories are printed or shown to public . 
* Author has also highlighted situations under which girls are dragged to the grey world of Prostitution
*In the very initial of the Story , author feed with " Brain Drain " situation which is drains the bright future of Nation's development .
*How lawyers twisted the misery of victims into ambitions , evil desires for making some extra cash .

And the only situation with me on this piece is the fact that It should be stretched to some more pages and that's because , I'm loving the plot with reading .
So Bhendi Bazaar is a Must Read Criminal Fiction  !


Title: Bhendi Bazaar
Author: Vish Dhamija
Genre:  Crime Thriller
Publishers: Rumour Books India
Price: INR. 250 

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