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Cliffhanger Resonance ........ 

Resonance is truly a breathtaking Thriller . A tale that keep the reader hooked to the story line and let reader to turn pages itself . I myself keep on turning pages one by one and even try to do same at very last page . 

Front Cover  holds a Sketch of a Dam giving view from high altitude , Eyes and Title of Book "Resonance" as well as Name of author which let any reader pick the masterpiece in a second .

Back cover design gives the idea of a calamity caused by Water . and a brief up of the plot .

" Siddharth Rana, the Joint Director of the IB, is at his wits’ end attempting to unravel that mystery. Working with the blindest of clues, Siddharth has to race against time to prevent terrorists from achieving their horrific goal--an India laid low by a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

This is a story that leaps across continents, gets to the heart of convoluted terrorist plots and attacks, and amazes you with its exposition of high-tech gadgetry and science. 

It is equally a story of breathtaking bravery, recounted at a mind-blowing pace. At its core, it is also a story about the beauty of relationships. Relationships that are beyond national boundaries and historic enmities… "

Now coming to the writing which I'll say is completely flawless .......... 
keywords used in defining the story of Resonance are :- 2611 , India , Pakistan , India , Dubai , FBI , AlQaeda, Patriotism , Bravery , Faith and Romance .
Story clearly reveals the fact that author has done a vast research on Dams , tactics and especially the technology used in espionage world .
Coming to the title "RESONANCE" , I think author had chosen an apt term as whole plot of attacking the dams revolves around scientific term Resonance . In simple words Resonance is a phenomenon in which frequencies of two objects match causing a massive destruction . RESONANCE is a riveted plot revolving around an attack carried out on Indian dam which was cracked By Indian Intelligence agencies in co-operation with a Pakistani Citizen . 

For me..... the most gripping moment was the stance when the head of a Sovereign country made a request to another country to bug his own Residence and other important buildings of his country .

I'll say its MUST READ for all those who loves to read about Espionage and Defence .

With the plot line , I'll say , Author had tried to put no. of generous ideas like Traitor has No Nationality , Terror means terror doesn't mean in which form it is .Plot doesn't just thrill reader with Defence but also gave a strong message of love and peace . The relationship of Juhi ( Daughter of High Commissioner of India to US ) and Aban ( Son of Retired Official of ISI ) reveals the fact that family is nothing to do with blood but is the people you love . 
In the story , a point came where PM of Pakistan talks to PM of India and debrief about the attack to be carried out in India and ensure complete co-operation which Pak PM actually do .
"Chaha Jaan " and Imran Malik too portrayed as true patriot and brave .With story author gave a message of peace , a meassage not just to the citizens of India and Pakistan but also to Governments of both the nation . 
I love the character of Aban most because even after being citizen of Pakistan , he stepped forward to help Indian Security Agencies to dismantle the attack , giving an idea that TRUTH AND HUMANITY IS ALWAYS GREATER THAN BOUNDRIES DRAWN BY HUMANS . Role of Siddharth Rana , Joint Director of IB is also justified who works day and night to crack the case . 
I want to write short gist of this book but I'll not because .... I heartedly want others to read the complete book inspite of just reading Gist . Author has successfully created many questions in the mind of readers with his writing and me as reader sees my self as completely hooked to book and trying to figure out many questions like I successfully figure out who's behind the voice of Shalim Amir Khan with the clues that author has left behind to keep the reader in loop which makes this masterpiece a CLIFFHANGER RESONANCE .

" If you want to  hide , take cover right under the enemy's nose , under the constant vigil of eyes . They will search everywhere except their own backyard "


Title: Resonance
Author: Ajay Pandey
Genre: Thriller
Publishers: Westland Books
Price: INR. 350

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This is Not a Paid Review ! The Opinions expressed in the review are my own , and remain unbaised and uninfluenced . "

                                             - Rahul Rai Khatri

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